CBA vs ROI (cost benefit analysis vs return on investment)


94-year-old grandmother predicts Giants to win

94-year-old grandmother predicts Giants to win

** Updated to include a new comparison example between CBA and ROI in the second table below **

A great table and explanation of the difference uses and value of the two forms of measurement for social marketeers, from Angie Schottmuller in Search Engine… Continue reading | 3 Comments

Privately held tech startups with investment valuations of $1bn and more


Taken from a new report from KPMG and CB Insights, and spotted by Paul Marsden, who asks what are the common characteristics of these ‘unicorns’?

From a UK perspective the obvious is that 3 out of 4 are Fintech businesses. I am working on growth hacking that very market (starting today) with Causeway’s Tradex.

  1. Xiaomi Technology Co (CN) ($46bn: Consumer Tech – mobile/smart devices)
  2. Uber (US) ($41bn: Transport – mobile taxi app/service)
  3. Palantir Technologies (US) ($15bn: Enterprise Tech – Data)
  4. Shapchat (US) ($15bn: Mobile – Communications)
  5. SpaceX  (US) ($12bn: Aerospace)
  6. Flipkart (IN) ($11bn: Ecommerce – B2C)
  7. Pinterest (US) ($11bn: Media – Photosharing)
  8. Dropbox (US) ($10bn: SaaS – Cloud)
  9. Airbnb (US) $10bn: Travel – B2C (Booking))
  10. Theranos (US) $9bn: HealthTech)
  11. Kuaidi Dache (CN) $8.75bn: Transport – Mobile taxi app/service)
  12. Spotify (SE) ($8.4bn: Media – Music)
  13. Meituan (CN) ($7bn: Ecommerce – B2C Group Buying)
  14. Square Inc. (US) ($6bn: FinTech – Payments)
  15. WeWork (US) ($5bn: Office space/services)
  16. Zenefits (US) ($4.5bn: Enterprise Tech – Health Insurance)
  17. Cloudera (US) ($4.1bn – Enterprise Tech – B2B)
  18. Dianping (CN) ($4.05bn: Media – Reviews)
  19. Stripe (US) $3.5bn: FinTech – Payments)
  20. Atlassian (AU) ($3.3bn: Enterprise Tech – SaaS)
  21. Jawbone (US) ($3.3bn: Consumer Tech – Devices)
  22. Fanatics (US) ($3.1bn: Ecommerce B2C Sports)
  23. Legendary Entertainment (US) ($3bn: Media – studio)
  24. Vancl (CN) ($3bn: Ecommerce – Fashion)
  25. Pure Storage (US) ($3bn: Enterprise Tech)
  26. Moderna Therapeutics (US) ($3bn: HealthTech)
  27. Slack Technologies (CA) ($2.8bn: Enterprise Tech)
  28. Bloom Energy (US) ($2.7bn Energy)
  29. Powa Technologies (UK) ($2.7bn: Fintech – Mobile Payments)
  30. Snapdeal (IN) ($2.5bn: Marketplace – C2C)
  31. Lyft (US) ($2.5bn: Transport – Mobile taxi app/service)
  32. Vice Media (CA) ($2.5bn: Media – magazine, music label, film)
  33. Ola Cabs (IN) ($2.4bn: Transport – Mobile taxi app/service)
  34. Houzz (US) ($2.3bn: Media – Interior Decoration app/magazine)
  35. SurveyMonkey (US) ($2bn: Software – Online survey service)
  36. Evernote (US) ($2bn: Software – Productivity)
  37. One97 Communications (IN) ($2bn:  Mobile / Ecommerce)
  38. Coupang (KR) ($2bn: Ecommerce – B2C)
  39. Nutanix (US) ($2bn: Enterprise Tech)
  40. Domo (US) ($2bn: Enterprise Tech)
  41. Trendy International Group (CN) ($2bn: Retail – fashion)
  42. Instacart (US) ($2bn: Ecommerce – Grocery)
  43. Magic Leap (US) ($2bn: Augmented Reality)
  44. Prosper (US) $1.9bn: Fintech)
  45. Delivery Hero (DE) ($1.876bn: Online food ordering)
  46. Avito (RU) ($1.8bn: Marketplace – C2C)
  47. Intarcia Therapeutics (US) ($1.75bn HealthTech)
  48. Tanium (US) ($1.75bn Network Solutions)
  49. DocuSign (US) $1.6bn Enterprise Tech)
  50. mongoDB (US) ($1.6bn Software)
  51. insidesales (US) ($1.6bn Enterprise Tech – Sales)
  52. Adyen (NL) ($1.5bn: Fintech – Payments)
  53. Oscar (US: $1.5bn Fintech – Health Insurance)
  54. IronSource (IL) ($1.5bn Software – Distribution)
  55. Koudai (CN) ($1.4bn: Mobile Commerce)
  56. Jasper (US) ($1.4bn: IoT)
  57. deem (US) ($1.35bn: FinTech – Mobile)
  58. SoFi (US) ($1.3bn: FinTech)
  59. Sunrun (US) ($1.3bn: Energy)
  60. Lazada (KR) ($1.25bn: Ecommerce)
  61. Appnexus (US) ($1.2bn: Media – Advertising)
  62. Warby Parker (US) ($1.2bn Ecommerce)
  63. Infinidat (IL) ($1.2bn: Data)
  64. Sprinklr (US) ($1.170: Enterprise Tech)
  65. Automattic (US) ($1.160bn: Software – Publishing)
  66. Twilio (US) ($1.1bn: Communications)
  67. Good Technology (US) ($1.1bn: Enterprise Tech)
  68. Proteus (US) ($1.1bn: HealthTech)
  69. Actifio (US) ($1.1bn: Enterprise Tech – Data)
  70. Tango (US) ($1.1bn: Mobile – Social Networking)
  71. Nextdoor (US) ($1.1bn: Media – Social Networking)
  72. Docker (US) ($1.070bn: Software)
  73. Gilt Groupe (US) ($1.050bn: Ecommerce – Fashion)
  74. Transferwise (UK) ($1bn: FinTech)
  75. Shazam (US) ($1bn: Mobile/Media – Music)
  76. Shopify (CA) ($1bn: FinTech – B2B)
  77. CloudFlare (US) ($1bn: Enterprise Tech)
  78. Eventbrite (US) ($1bn: Ecommerce – Ticketing)
  79. Credit Karma (US) ($1bn: FinTech)
  80. Lookout (US) ($1bn: Mobile – Security)
  81. AppDynamics (US) ($1bn: SaaS – Software Performance)
  82. Hootsuite (CA) ($1bn: Media – Social Media Management)
  83. Kabam (US) $1bn: Software – Games)
  84. Klarna (SE) ($1bn: FinTech – Ecommerce Payments)
  85. Farfetch (UK) ($1bn: Ecommerce – Fashion)
  86. Funding Circle (UK) ($1bn: FinTech)
  87. Razer (US) ($1bn: Consumer Tech: Gaming)
  88. Fanli (CN) ($1bn: Ecommerce – B2C)
  89. Zomato (IN) ($1bn: Media/Mobile – Restaurants)
  90. JustFab (US) ($1bn: Ecommerce – B2C)
  91. Simplivity (US) ($1bn: Enterprise Tech – Data)
  92. Qualtrics (US) ($1bn: Enterprise Tech – Market Research)
  93. Mogujie (CN) ($1bn: Media – Fashion)
  94. Illumio (US) ($1bn: Enterprise Tech – Data/Security)
  95. Grabtaxi (MY) ($1bn: Transport – mobile taxi app/service)
  96. Beibei (CN) ($1bn: Ecommerce – B2C Infants)
  97. Yello mobile (KR) ($1bn: Mobile Incubator)
  98. Pluralsight (US) ($1bn: Education)
  99. Quikr (IN) ($1bn: Mobile – Classified Ads – IN)
  100. InMobi (IN) ($1bn: Mobile – Advertising – US)


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