CBA vs ROI (cost benefit analysis vs return on investment)


** Updated to include a new comparison example between CBA and ROI in the second table below **

A great table and explanation of the difference uses and value of the two forms of measurement for social marketeers, from Angie Schottmuller in Search Engine Watch:

Cost-Based Analysis (CBA)
Return on Investment (ROI)

Benefits – Costs
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Question on marketing / growth strategy for my sports app


Question on marketing / growth strategy for my sports app ( I’m about to take on investment so let’s say I had £30k to spend on growth but have a target of 30k installs, what would you do? Would you optimise CPC ads to try and get a £1 CPA (installs) or would you go for something less measureable, more risky but with the potential to hit that number with that money? If so which channels would you try?

When it’s 10 to nine and you just want to know what happened in the sports before you get into the office, 8:50 will give you a summary of everything you need written by sports journalists within a simple, beautiful app.

Three key marketing takeaways to ensure positive revenue

Three Key Takeaways

  1. To have efficient marketing, you need to know where your customers come from and which channels bring the most valuable customers. KISSmetrics has an automatically tracked property called Channel. It categorizes people into seven different channels based on their referrer.
  2. In the KISSmetrics funnel and revenue reports, you can segment people by any property, not just channel. Using KISSmetrics’s channel segmentation, you

The power of storytelling

With the film ‘American Sniper’ about to premiere in the UK about a US military sniper here’s my short story on the subject, to illustrate the power of storytelling.

A short story. I met a couple outside a pub in London a few years ago, and by chance we got talking, and they told me about a good friend of their’s who had recently been working as a U.S

Natural variation sounds a lot less boring than it really is

Sorry about the title. What I wanted to say was this. A boiler engineer from British Gas came round yesterday after we’d lost power for the second time in two weeks. so help fix it. He got to work, got out his laptop to do a diagnostic, and did a good job. The engineer, Kirk, at the end of his work said he could also fix the cause of why… Continue reading

How to hit a target with a ball without actually throwing it!

See the scene from 28 Days when baseball star Eddie gives Gwen (Sandra Bullock, Hollywood’s best paid actress in 2014) a lesson on how to hit the target – focus on getting yourself ready – rather than just trying to hit the target. It’s the key to success. As I couldn’t find a movie clip with the spoken lines, here’s the script from the scene between Eddie and Gwen… Continue reading