CBA vs ROI (cost benefit analysis vs return on investment)


94-year-old grandmother predicts Giants to win

94-year-old grandmother predicts Giants to win

** Updated to include a new comparison example between CBA and ROI in the second table below **

A great table and explanation of the difference uses and value of the two forms of measurement for social marketeers, from Angie Schottmuller in Search Engine… Continue reading | 3 Comments

A random sequence of events – Wednesday

An old fashioned post from me, on a series of coincidences, in line with a fair few more on this blog..

  1. Coffee at Neros, bumped into a public school dude who insisted he said white americano, not just americano! I suggested otherwise and wished the staff and him a nice day.
  2. Release of Stuart Hall and plea for info on Barking’s gay serial killer