Learning from Menezes case


Just read brief BBC report on surveillance in Menezes case. I note it says the surveillance officer failed to note the reason why Menezes jumped off a bus and back on again. One to add to ‘red teaming training’ — see my brief paper on the subject at the 12th Annual International Conference of the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences in Portland in 2002:

“Ivor, an undercover officer who held Mr Menezes as he was shot in the head, told the court how he had earlier seen the Brazilian get off a bus in Brixton town centre – and then very quickly rejoin it.

“Mr Menezes had got off the bus and began walking towards the Brixton Underground Station – but after 20 metres turned back when he saw the station was temporarily closed.

“Ivor had been on the same bus watching the target – but did not rejoin it out of fear of compromising the surveillance.

“However, he reported Mr Menezes’s movements on his radio, but had not seen the Tube station was closed.”