Don’t get mad, get ‘even’

Scrapped this off my Google Alert. I’d just like to say, what do you mean ‘even people in The Long Tail’? I mean surely this is a classic case of where the Long Tail is going to really hit some home runs. No ‘even’ about it. Forget Facebook etc, the Long Tail niche has got to be a dominant theme in the growth of social networks along with global expansion of early movers like MySpace (see Facebook French-language version news) , expansion of corporate social networking (eg Accenture) and mobile social networking. Plus, the other theme/counter-move to drop social networking as such and simply link together existing data through blogs, wikis, and RSS in Headshift fashion.

Top Social Networks in February 2008
By briansolis
Niche markets are gaining ground and will prove that even people in The Long Tail want to network with each other. Cafemom, a social network geared towards mothers, experienced a 500% surge in traffic. Linkedin, a networking site for … –