Integrating social networks behind the corporate firewall

It occurred to me that with the current trend for building social networking sites behind the corporate firewall that this will stimulate demand for existing data to be able to interact with that. Which is not an easy job, but one with real business benefits. Then the social network is not just a nice place to share ideas, but also the portal for all social media integration. Nothing new in what I’m saying, just can see that as an interface for people to handle the social media RSS feeds, IM, wikis, blogs, and link in with existing data systems that it has its advantages (especially if you already have a social network).

Hey, but in one way it’s just a small part of the wider movement to a semantic ‘mega-mash-up’ visioned by Tim Berners-Lee, in which “Social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace would be eventually displaced by networks that connect all types of things, not just people”. Hmm, I see the connections.