What are your dirty dozen?

In between freelance contracts I’ve been trying to come up with a neat summary of my skills & experience to sell to potential new clients/employers, and came up with the following ‘dirty dozen’. What are yours?

  1. An ability to not only understand measurement as it’s been, but also to understand how to evolve and implement new measurements to apply to new initiatives.
  2. Expertise in understanding how to measure the impact of social media, using effective KPIs. In particular focusing on the business objectives, targets, and results – and making sure the in-house tools can capture the quality of conversations, and target ‘influencers’ – its not necessarily who has the most connections, but the best location in social networks.
  3. Experience developing social media strategies, together with tailor-made KPIs, for b2b organisations including the IET, ICAEW and CIMA for example.
  4. At global medical software start-up MedicExchange I was responsible for creating and implementing integrated online/offline marketing campaigns, working with content partner Reuters to improve our competitive position.
  5. Introduced internal social tools from project management to social benchmarking, helping MedicExchange acquire a value of $15m by the time of my departure in December 2007.
  6. Launched the new ICAEW online community IT Counts, with £100k sponsorship from Microsoft UK, achieving the launch target membership level within deadline, and winning a web 2.0 award in the process in 2008.
  7. Advised marketing & PR teams on good practice whether in working with Microsoft UK’s PR staff on how best to blog on the site, through to advising organisations on best practice internally for use of social media to promote and grow their online communities.
  8. As a consultant with SiftGroups I helped facilitate a team culture working with community managers and developers which put customer needs at the forefront of their work, helping create an award-winning drupal-based social measurement tool in 2009.
  9. Experience in setting up social tracking tools using Twitter and Google, and using these to target bloggers and social networks as part of a social media engagement strategy for new communities.
  10. Success in advising community managers in how to turn negative customer conversation starters into positive outcomes, based on a ‘figure of eight’ positive feedback strategy between corporate content and customer conversations.
  11. As a professional who embraces precedent, but also who is willing to challenge thinking and create new solutions I developed the concept of feedback loops between content and community, to include the relationship between the community manager and top contributors, and between a community and external social networks, for my social media consultancy work in 2010.
  12. As well as blogging on social media and online community issues for over four years, I helped run the Headshift corporate blog, managed bloggers for SEO purposes at MedicExchange, managed professional bloggers at the ICAEW, through to training the CEO & staff bloggers at CIMA supported by a tailor-made social media policy.

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