Drop that pet project

At the Adobe Summit 2012 on Tuesday I heard a presentation from Arianna Huffington on the importance of wisdom, on why men buy underwear (answer: when they are happy), and why it’s good to give up on things occasionally. The last topic was really about personal projects. She gave the example of trying to learn to ski, before finally deciding it was time to give it up and instead drink hot chocolate and read a book while her friends went skiing.

By coincidence that evening I went to a pre-event meetup at the Grafton Arms for the NHS Hack Day to meet some of the people involved. And I decided after half a pint of Speckled Hen it was time to give up on the idea and give back my ticket for the weekend. My medical tech project to give it a grand title has been an interesting but not very successful ride. Interestingly this general lack of success was also picked up by Ernst & Young, in their valuable feedback on my digial innovation manager application late last year; anyhow projects listed below, including:

  • 4.5 years at the Health Development Programme, including work on complex systems to inform our national healthy schools programme; I got an award for making tea when I left:-)
  • A few months at the GMC before moving swiftly on to pastures new..
  • Working with Patient Opinion but for a v.brief while, at Headshift
  • Putting together a proposal for a shift handover system and submitting it to the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement – which was rejected
  • Helping launch medical imaging portal MedicExchange, which didn’t live up to it’s anti-monopolistic OEM busting potential

Anyway you get the picture. But it’s time to move on, funnily enough just when I feel more organised and more commercial in my outlook. In fact instead of going to the hack day I am planning to attend City Index’s free seminar. It won’t change the world, but it could help pay the bills.