A random sequence of events – Wednesday

An old fashioned post from me, on a series of coincidences, in line with a fair few more on this blog..

  1. Coffee at Neros, bumped into a public school dude who insisted he said white americano, not just americano! I suggested otherwise and wished the staff and him a nice day.
  2. Release of Stuart Hall and plea for info on Barking’s gay serial killer on TV, on the same day, thanks for the namesake jokes!
  3. In the eve on the Hammersmith train back to Barking an evangelical Christian starts preaching at everyone, so I start humming the Simpsons’ theme tune, and then someone starts whistling a hymn!
  4. On TV start watching James Burke’s 1980s prog on the space station and Hubble, then watch the sci-fi flick about trip to Jupiter called Europa Report, then watch a prog about planets being formed which was super interesting, then Family Guy came on with one of their Star Wars editions in the trilogy

MacGuffin in a paragraph

I presented a paper on non-linear empowerment at Berkley based on radical educational theory in 1999, which fuses scientific and folk world views, and applied that to my own work challenges, most recently resulting in 2013 in a fusion of corporate social analytics with online consumer behaviour I call #thinslicing. It was this #thinslicing tool which led to the creation of the movie review app concept, MacGuffin.