Startups and amplified individuals


Looking forward to We20 in Leicester on Saturday, meeting people who want to make the city a better place to live and work!

I’m taking this great BusinessWeek piece about creating jobs by supporting start-ups in the US to the meeting in the town hall, and hope to get the chance to discuss  its relevance to Leicester in beating the recession.

Video from NESTA We20 event above also sets the scene.  Note the connection with NESTA’s Amplied City Leicester in creating a network of amplified individuals who might benefit from such entreprenurial support?

Labour Party supporters ethic of progressive blogging


Interesting statement of ethics by pro-Labour bloggers setting out their ethic which informs their blogging. It includes this call to Government to see online engagement as a cultural change worth engaging with. Maybe a little blogging training would go along way in providing Ministers with the tools for the job?

We believe that attempts to transfer ‘command and control’ models to online politics will inevitably fail. Labour must show that it gets that – in practice as well as theory – if we are make our contribution to the progressive movements on which our causes depend.

The government and the political parties should use their official spaces to contribute to and enable these conversations. We also want to see Ministers and MPs having the confidence to engage in political debate and argument elsewhere, while being clear that there is no value for anybody in seeking to control independent spaces for discussion.

On Facebook, People Own and Control Their Information?


I saw this today:

“Zuckerberg is saying, “Trust us.” But it is difficult to trust a company that is stripping users of rights they’ve become accustomed to, even if hardly any of them ever actually asserted those rights in practice”. And did this:

I've deactivated my Facebook account

I've deactivated my Facebook account

Not surprising in one way as their backed by some big money that need a return on their investment. Nice acid test for Mr Zuckerberg. Here’s his response on Facebook. I guess the pressure’s on.

Hmm, Perez Hilton doesn’t like Facebook either so I’m in good company:


We’re so glad we’ve never uploaded any of our stuff onto Facebook!

You Facebook users are SCREWED.

Did you know that everything you’ve loaded up into your profile (personal pictures, etc.) belongs to Facebook, even after you’ve closed your account?

That’s what it says in the Terms of Service you agreed to when you opened your account, apparently.

The Consumerist recently uncovered this disturbing info and it’s causing quite a stir.

So, what does this mean?

Basically, Facebook can do whatever the hell they want with YOUR STUFF.

And, they can do so WITHOUT your permission.

For example, they can license your personal pictures out to companies, make a shizzle of money and don’t have to give you a dime.

Sounds really, really shitty and sooo shady!!!!!

How to write a killer report


PDF of the rogue UK housing minister document, in the process detailing how to best write a killer report from Jon Moon, reproduced in all its ‘bouncy’ bullet-point glory:

In May 2008, Gordon Brown’s housing minister, Caroline Flint, exposed the Government’s fears over the poor state of the housing market when she accidentally let photographers glimpse a ‘top-secret’ report as she walked into No 10.

Page 2 looks at some of the many things the note got wrong (and it’s laid out as a WiT, needless to say). And on page 3 I’ve transformed it by doing it as a WiT. WiT is my seriously better alternative to bullets that triples impact. It transforms all types of documents – slides, reports, notes, CVs, meeting minutes, KPI packs and more. Visit for more.

Gordon Brown on the Politics Show


PM Gordon Brown claimed on the BBC Politics Show today that the global credit crunch was not forseeable. The structures to protect against bank breakdown were only designed for individual bank failure like the UK’s Northern Rock. Hmm, I thought, but haven’t we been told about the ‘global economy’ for years now, and its essential ‘inter-dependency’. And this no doubt would include banks. But the possibility that bank failure could be plural and inter-dependent in nature was not planned for, not by the FSA, not by all those clever  folk at HM Treasury. Really?

PS: ICAEW CEO Michael Izza suggests in his excellent post-Davos blog that ex-PM Tony Blair might still have a role to help communicate the complexity of the crisis.

New President, New Website


Loved this joke from the Onion on Obama’s new web strategy. More fun though less enlightening than the piece in Wired Magazine., the official website of the president and vice president, was relaunched Tuesday and includes links to Obama’s weekly video address and a blog. What do you think?

Asian Man
Mark Judson, Accounting Clerk
“I question the ethics of Rahm Emanuel’s ‘Blind D.C. Gossip Items’ page, but it is pretty dishy.”
Old Man
Scott Carpenter, Aircraft Deicer
“I’m going to miss the ‘Those Who Should Die’ feature on the old site.”
Old Woman
Kristina Keyton, Pharmacy Technician Instructor
“Finally, a president who understands technology. Oh, and human rights. And climate change, foreign policy, and the Constitution.”

LabourList launches today


Thanks to Bristol East MP Kerry McCarthy I came across the new LabourList blog which launches today. It also has help on starting your own blog which is great.

Welcome to LabourList, the must read online forum for Labour minded people to come together to share news and views and, hopefully, also have a laugh.

Over the last few weeks, there have been a number of misinformed reports about what we are trying to achieve with this website. Most have been completely inaccurate. A quick summary is available here.

What we’re really about is pretty simple. LabourList aims to provide a platform for debate for every level of our movement, and for those who disagree with us.

To encourage this discussion, we’ll have access to and insight from government ministers; we’ll host voices from the fringe and from the traditional media; and we’ll have regular reports from the grassroots that make our movement so powerful.

David Cameron says bank on me


Conservative leader David Cameron says character and judgement are more important than experience. But experience teaches me that you build character and judgement through experience. Perhaps David thinks that you can’t change one’s essential character and judgement, which if so is a bit pessimistic for my liking (not to mention contrary to my experience).

I also see on the front of the Daily Mail today an article critical of the head of the Met for employing a friend. Oh come on, if you’re a serious member of the ‘Establishment’ you must at one point in time have employed a mate. Please even I’ve done that, probably the only properly posh thing I’ve done come to think of it. The trick of course is to get away with it, in a good way I hasten to add. Bank on me? I will, thanks.