Why customer discovery matters

The aim of a ‘customer discovery’ plan for a start-up is to:

  1. Test your hypothesis about what is the customer problem we are trying to solve
  2. Test if the your concept or app/website feature set solve that problem

Therefore the aim is firstly to find out from customers what the problem is regarding support to help turn their ideas/skills into creative/business reality.

In other words ideally with a start-up you would create a… Continue reading

Top 100 UK companies that could reach £100m revenue in 3-5 years


There you go. What do you think? Certainly the only one of the bunch I have any understanding of is onefinestay, the self-styled ‘unhotel’. It’s a bit of a shame onefinestay didn’t hire my lovely Shirley as their accountant, when she applied to work there recently, as I might have been able to contribute a few helpful ideas for free! Not to… Continue reading

What’s your MacGuffin?

A point worth making about MacGuffin that sets it apart from the normal movie review is that its designed for ppl who love movie trivia who spot trivia and want to share that trivia. For eg in the famous action film North by Northwest my MacGuffin spot is that Cary Grant stays in the Ambassador East Hotel in Chicago (now called The Public Chicago Hotel), as I have by… Continue reading

Richard III e-petition: Government response

“The Secretary of State grants licences to exhume buried human remains under Section 25 of the Burial Act 1857. Around 200 licences are issued each year for archaeological purposes.

“On 3 September 2012 the Ministry of Justice granted a licence to Leicester University to exhume human remains found during the excavation of a Leicester car park. The excavation was primarily to investigate a Franciscan friary but also to locate the… Continue reading

What’s your secret sauce?

Two connected questions for any #startup (1) what customer need does your product meet? (2) what’s your secret sauce in meeting that need?

I know the answers to both questions for the MacGuffin app for example. As MacGuffin is not simply for movie reviews, it’s for self-expression, it’s designed to enable people to share their feelings directly after watching a movie in a direct accessible way.

And connected… Continue reading

Defenseless is the best choice for those seeking to [really] grow

There’s a great blog post from Seth Godin, The opposite of ‘defenseless’ which concludes with the radical sounding thought: “Defenseless is the best choice for those seeking to grow.” I couldn’t agree more, except for one thing, in reality maybe life doesn’t work like that?

I know what I’m talking about, I’ve used that method to grow. So while in abstract it’s true, in reality if you follow… Continue reading