Leveraging the learnings from ‘edge cases’ to your business

@stuartgh interesting. Tell me a bit more. This sounds like a must do post.

— Patrick Campbell (@Patticus) April 22, 2015

Ever wanted to write a blog post on the subject of using the learnings from ‘edge cases’ to power your business? No rush! For the good reason that edge cases are traditionally regarded as of little value business wise, as this example

Privately held tech startups with investment valuations of $1bn and more

Taken from a new report from KPMG and CB Insights, and spotted by Paul Marsden, who asks what are the common characteristics of these ‘unicorns’?

From a UK perspective the obvious is that 3 out of 4 are Fintech businesses. I am working on growth hacking that very market (starting today) with Causeway’s Tradex.