Congrats to Channel 4 winning live coverage of Richard III reinterment

Good to hear Channel 4 has beaten the BBC to provide live coverage of the King Richard III reinterment on Thursday 26 March (see RT piece ‘BBC left scratching its head after C4 snaps up Richard III burial show’ for more).

It was of course in pole position after its documentaries on finding the ‘king under a car park’ in Leicester.

So in case it’s of interest… Continue reading | 2 Comments

Name that place – the elevator pitch – and the pivot

So if your mobile app idea doesn’t pan out there’s always meeting the Queen to consider! Congrats to Barnaby:-)

— Stuart G. Hall (@stuartgh) March 12, 2015

So what’s the Name That Place all about? The elevator pitch is this – a simple game of ‘i-spy’ but brought u to date by playing with your mobile or computer. Looking at i-spy from… Continue reading | 1 Comment