Interviews will teach you how to sell

The hardest part about creating a successful company isn’t building your product.

It’s selling your product.

It’s easy to spend months working on features, but how are you going to sell those features?

  • How will you describe your product to ensure customers are interested in it?
  • Where will you find enough customers to tell about it?
  • How will you differentiate your product from

WeChat’s #fintech #growthhack got 200m customers in 2 days, beating Alibaba by eight years!

“One particularly creative marketing example is a promotion that China’s successful
messaging app Tencent’s WeChat ran during the Chinese New Year holiday in 2014. To promote its WeChat Payment service, which allows peer-to-peer transfer and electronic bill payment, the company launched an app that allows users to send a specific amount
of money to a certain number of friends, with the app randomly assigning the money.

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