Microsoft asks for cash back

MS sacks 1,400 workers. Miscalculates the severance payemnts. Asks for money back. Here’s the result of the poll on ZDnet asking…

What would you do?

  • Forget that. I’m out of work and need every dollar I can get. Let them sue me if they want it back. (70%)
  • It’s not my money. I’d write the check and send it back. (22%)
  • I’m torn. I don’t know what I would do. (8%)

Total Votes: 946

Look out for Live Mesh

Good tip from Headshift’s Lee Bryant on Twitter today regarding Microsoft’s Live Mesh:

So much talk about FB Connect + Google Friend Connect, but I would keep my eye on Live Mesh-it has Microsoft muscle behind it.

So my post in May following  launch. Quote below:

One example of such aggregation is Windows Live Mail, which Microsoft released last summer in beta form. The application can pull together all of a person’s various e-mail accounts, Hall said. It solves the problem of dealing with multiple accumulated e-mail accounts.

“Another way that Microsoft has been working to interconnect is with social networking partnerships. Hall said that Microsoft has established partnerships with “most of the leading social networks” to have address book synchronization and roaming. Users can provide their Windows Live or Hotmail credentials at those social networking sites, he said. It moves people closer to using ‘a single address book approach’.