Fun in crypto (+ news in 2023)


😎 Worked with Ronaldinho and BigONE Exchange on a NFT‌ collection

👍 Including working with Andre Figer, the son of Juan Figer, whom
Pele said was, “the first businessman in Brazil to respect the football player!”

⚽ See Andre in the panel below..with Matt House of SportQuake
and Daniel Liu CEO of Influxo, in a discussion I hosted on NFTs in football!

💵 My fav article for BigONE was a piece on ‘Why DeFi holds the key to metaverse success’ which appeared in Forkast.News.

📚 Contributed to Dr Mark Van Rijmenham’s book, ‘Step into the Metaverse: How the Immersive Internet Will Unlock a Trillion-Dollar Social Economy’ 

📔 Edited a book on NFTs (that sold out its own promo NFT) for Anndy Lian after the LUNA crash.

🤩 At DappRadar I organised a top NFT influencer event for NFT.London (in a Westminster pub in the heart of Government), which attracted top crypto influencers including Travis Wright of Bad Crypto.

📺 Secured top coverage from cyber reporter Joe Tidy at the BBC in a story about the growth of the metaverse (see on iPlayer, YT and the BBC news website)

🤝Worked on crypto wallet partnership at DappRadar with browser Opera — four years after their first crypto browser launch at Rise in London (me, in the audience 😇)

🏖️🩴DappRadar’s Barcelona ‘workcation’ highlight for me?
The Axie Infinity event.

🏅Where I went to my first eSports contest! 

🎩 And where I met and chatted with top crypto investor
and entrepreneur Yat Siu, Chairman of Animoca Brands. 

Yat Siu has just (17 Jan) facilitated a merger between Forkast.News and
CryptoSlam to form a new web3 info hub, Forkast Labs (Bloomberg report)

😇 However, the recent (4 Feb) FT article ‘Can the pioneer of blockchain gaming survive the crypto winter?’ takes a distinctly sceptical look at Yat Siu and his Animoca crypto empire. (But with such a sceptical story angle, there’s no mention of the smart merger work Siu facilitated between CryptoSlam and Forkast;)

Improving on my 1999 ‘Less is more’ empowerment essay with #AI help

I asked ChatGPT to give sugestions on how to improve on the 1999 essay. Here’s what I got:

The paper presents an interesting perspective on the idea of people’s intuitive “chaos” understanding of the world, which can be compared to non-linear science. The paper draws on the work of Paulo Freire, who found that teaching illiterate people using a theory and action based on love helped them to overcome their powerlessness and learn to read and write. The author argues that a non-linear science of empowerment based on people’s intuitive chaos understanding can help people overcome their fears and lack of confidence.

However, the paper would benefit from more concrete examples and references to support its claims. For instance, it would be useful to provide more evidence of people’s intuitive understanding of chaos and how it can be harnessed for empowerment. The paper could also benefit from exploring other related concepts, such as complexity theory, which could help to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the topic.

Some additional sources that could be helpful in developing this paper further include: