Kenny Dalglish

By an odd set of coincidences I looked at Evie’s schools’ website yesterday and it had a wonderful pic of Kenny at the opening of the canteen. I met Shirley later and went to the Belgium restaurant where I told her the story about how Evie had campaigned to get the canteen re-opened in healthy schools style (my last job). Then as we were about to leave a middle-aged guy with a Scots accent asked if he could have our table. I held up two fingers and said in two minutes, but in the meantine was he Scottish? He said yes, he was from Glasgow. So I asked naively if he knew of the great Kenny Dalglish ( “Considered by many to be the greatest player in Liverpool history..”), and to my surprise he said he’d watched him play at Ibrox when he was just 17 years old. Somehow the guy sensed this was something of a strange event and averted his eyes as we left the restaurant. That’s the Kenny Dalglish story..