Time for the E-Government Conference

Now that I’m sort of recovered from last night’s footie and post-match drinks, I’m here to distill some highlights from the E-gov conference. So far liked the mention of ‘co-creation’ as an engine of change from William Heath from Kable. Also enjoyed Sean Smile from Accenture pinpointing the value of customer group directors who will take charge of customer groups as part of the new IT strategy.

Of course there are plenty of familiar themes, in particular the stress of the benefits and risks of sharing vs protecting individual’s information for example. This was highlighted by the chair of the Soham Enquiry Sir Michael Blancard, who also emphasised the need for cultural change within organisations to go alongside new technology to effect the glittering prize of ‘transformation’. Specifically that staff need to feel they occupy an environment in which they feel confident they are be able to pass on ‘bad news’ without needing to go into further detail.UK Information Commissioner Richard Thomas added that unpublished research from the ESRC had picked up on substantial public uncertainty about data sharing.