The Brazilian connection – part 2

Went for a fun birthday party at scout hut in Hackney last night to celebrate Dr Dougie’s birthday. Around an open fire, looking at the scout’s honour and other plaques on the wall, I got talking to a guy called Nick. And we got talking about the Big Issue magazine, which Gibby Zobel used to work for. Funny thing is Nick told me Gibby is now working for Alijazeera (plus other outlets) in Brazil. Coincidentally we met Gibby at a mental health fundraiser in July 2003 with Shirley’s brother Junior. Gibby was off back to Sao Paulo to work, and we wished him luck, so it’s great to see it’s worked out for him. It was nice to hear he’d landed a job and a funny coincidence that it was with the Alijazeera TV station which is in the news with the leaked memo about the planned bombing of the station by Bush the US President (thanks to Meg for the link to this nice Bush satirical interactive). And finally, check out Gibby’s audio recording of Man City beating Man U 4-1 in March 2004 with commentary in full-flowing Brazilian.