Which wiki? Updated!

Andy had a good suggestion yesterday after coming across 300 possible wiki engines which may/may not provide a solution for his needs. Basically that somebody forward-thinking like Headshift should provide a gateway to wiki engines, which allowed you to select precisely the ‘engine’ which suited your needs I guess from a tick box diagnostic-type layout. As Wikipedia itself admits: “It is hard to determine which wiki engines are the most popular, although a list of leading candidates might include UseMod, TWiki, MoinMoin, PmWiki and MediaWiki. A list of some of those available is included below, and another can be found at. Wiki:WikiEngines.”


1. Try reading the recent Fortune magazine article about the rise and rise of Wikis.

2. Go with both Headshift and Andy’s advice and for business use choose between Confluence (used by Headshift), Jotspot (used by first UK government Wiki) or Social Text from the US.