1897 & All That

When I first went to school we were taught that Britain came to power in a gradual evolutionary kind of way, based on progress, known as the Whig view of history. This attitude continued through my history studies at Cambridge, in one way of another. But after going onto study industrial archeology as a kind of eccentric year out the evidence against this began to build, pardon the pun. And then on moving to London the penny dropped, seeing all the schools and industrial buildings built in the 1890’s, what a load of twaddle that view of British history is. Actually I picked out 1897 as a joke after guessing that as the date of a pub in Edinburgh as my coincidence point. Just on the last couple of days I’ve added:

1. 1894 – the date Charles Miller took football to Brazil.
2. Dec 1896 – when the Glasgow subway system opened.
3. May 1896 – launch of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.