Getting dooced for someone’s comments

My dooced friend Meg has spotted another dooced blogger with the implied warning that it’s not just what you write but what others add in comments that can have a negative impact:

Donny B joins the “dooced” club with a beautifully written post about Rachael Ray visiting the store where he worked. In his case, he was fired over comments other people left on the blog. They weren’t even his words.”

And so to a few words from Donny:

“Before we move on to the new year full of bigger and better things, I feel the need to resolve an issue that surfaced in the last few weeks. I chose to write on this blog about an author’s book signing that occurred at the store I was working at for the holidays. Less than a week after I posted the story, which was linked to by other websites both Chicago- and food-based, I received a call at home saying I was fired. Apparently, the problem wasn’t with the post itself but comments I posted and attached to the article.

I have decided, through encouragement from supportive friends like Stacey, Lauren and others, to re-post the entry (with one minor update). I’m even keeping the title of the original post intact, especially as it seems even more appropriate now.

I will not live in fear. I am proud of the piece, which neither paints a negative portrait of its subject nor kisses ass.

I call it like I see it. This is how I saw it.”