Bosnian pyramid charity established

Just caught sight of the latest developments in the study of the Bosnian pyramids – the establishment of a foundation to support the work:

“Growing local and international interest in the new pyramidal complex recently discovered in the Bosnian town of Visoko has led to the creation of a new charitable foundation: ‘The Archeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation’.

“Once excavation activities resume at the Visoko site in April 2006, it will represent the largest geological-archaeological project in Europe in 2006.
“Bosnian-American explorer Semir Osmanagić, who discovered the pyramidal complex in 2005, has been receiving thousands of letters of support, interest and offers to help from around the world since his excavation work was made public last year.
“The foundation will act as a point of contact for those interested in finding out more or supporting the ongoing excavations. It will be responsible for overseeing the excavations at Visoko and for the protection of Bosnian cultural heritage. One of its aims is also to attract greater involvement by recognised international experts.

“The foundation will initially focus on supporting the exploration, restoration and protection of the pyramidal complex in Visoko Valley. It will be staffed by volunteers and international experts with separate committees responsible for geology and archaeology. Dr Amer Smailbegović, from Navada, will head up the unit responsible for remote sensing at the site.

“One of their areas of interest is the phenomenon of iron rings and Bosnian stone balls, in varying sizes, which are found across Bosnia. The only other region where similar stone balls have been found is Costa Rica in South America.

“The foundation will also develop 3D visual material, using Bosnian software technology, to present the excavations to a wider community. The foundation will set up ten centres abroad to promote its work, but has yet to confirm their locations.

“The foundation has the backing of the Bosnian Ministry of Justice. It will be financed by sponsorship and donations from institutions, companies and individuals. A dedicated website is expected to be launched soon, with contact details.”