Life and Limbing It

Just been reading the fascinating book ‘Life and Limb’ written by Jamie Andrew. There’s a very dry humored section after the account of the mountaineering accident when he’s getting used to life as an amputee and getting used to people’s attitudes:

“I particularly remember one unfortunate, kindly stranger who noticed me, in my wheelchair, having difficulty reaching something in a shop. The guy came up to me and ever so politely said, ‘Excuse me, can I give you a hand?’ He then looked at my arms, realised what he’d said, and immediately flushed bright crimson. ‘Oh my God!’ he continued. ‘I’m so sorry. I’ve really gone and put my foot in it!’ He stopped, looked down at my bandaged legs, and this time just melted into the floor. ‘It’s OK,’ I said, grinning at the distraught man. ‘Don’t feel cut up about it.’