Data death/data lives – Connecting the Dots

Interesting to see the follow up to the question of medical research and patient data in E-Health Insider, which makes the connection with C4H:

A CfH spokesperson commented: “The electronic care records service will be introduced over the next few years and will create a huge and valuable resource for research, for improving clinical care and patient safety. It can only do so successfully if it has the confidence and support of the public who are rightly concerned about the confidentiality and security of their clinical records as well as supporting properly conducted and ethical research.

“The NHS Care Record Guarantee for England sets out the way in which the NHS will collect, store and share our records, when and how we can limit sharing, when and how we will be asked to consent and what happens if something goes wrong. This is the first such guarantee published by a government department and supported by ministers and sets a new standard of transparency and accountability to the public. Far from obstructing good, ethical clinical research the Care Record Guarantee will support it.”