Return of Sol

Picked this off the nicely titled ArseWars below. Like the quote from his solicitor that “he has no personal problems whatsoever”. Of course if you happen to have read the News of the World today you’ll see he’s been seeing an ‘energy healer’, according to an unnamed friend.The friend said: “The good news is that Sol realises he has serious problems and is trying to sort them out.”

Arsene Wenger has spoken to Sol Campbell and expects the Arsenal defender to return to training next week.

Campbell was given time off after being substituted during Wednesday’s defeat against West Ham and missed Saturday’s 2-0 victory at Birmingham.

“He sounded okay, has no problems and will be focused and determined to come back,” said Wenger after the game at St. Andrews.

“There is nothing for me to forgive because there was no acrimony at all and no argument in the dressing room.

“There is no bad feeling at all. It’s just that you cannot perform at this level if you are not in the right state and he wasn’t.

“We welcome him back and he will have plenty to contribute in the final stretch of the season, when we will need everybody.”

Campbell’s solicitor, Bon Battu, released a statement on Saturday afternoon.

“Sol is absolutely fine. I have been in continuous contact with him since Wednesday evening,” said Battu.

“He needed time and space to gather his thoughts. “He has no personal problems whatsoever. He will be back in training next week.”