McCloud (Dennis Weaver) Dies

Just heard that TV actor Dennis Weaver (aka ‘McCloud) has passed away. In the US they are wondering how come Don Knotts, Darren McGavin, and Dennis Weaver all died this weekend gone? But for me it’s just another funny coincidence. Why?

Well ’cause back in 2003 I went to a nerdy conference in Portland (same trip I coincidentally presented a paper which quoted the Muslim invention of algebra which I recently blogged for Headshift on 1001 Inventions & where I saw a T-shift for Ozomatli which eventually led to me figuring out that I was called ‘Stuart’ for American cultural reasons (see earlier blog entry about my father’s US work for NASA) rather than Scottish & where I heard at Seattle airport on the TV that Microsoft where finally gonna release some code & where I caught K19-the Widower; another coincidence); at the conference dinner (where I was sitting with my Harvard friend Meg, recently dooced) there was a guy who was a really close match to McCloud in my eyes though no one else had said anything.

So I asked the guy, “hey anyone tell you that you look like McCloud?”; and his reply was peachy. “Funny you should say that, but my grandmother dated Dennis Weaver”. This guy was an academic so of course I believed him!

PS: What a coincidence of coincidences.