love 2.0

You know people 2.0? it’s not difficult to describe; it’s like something I read in Wired magazine or somewhere – to live with the freedom and connectivity of the online world but offline. to which my answer is it’s kind of impossible by its nature to give a one size fits all solution to that – we don’t live in that semantic modernist world any more. What you kind of can do is give a mosaic of ideas and images maybe, and say go and create your own version, your own ‘app’, which makes sense to you, that the truth will emerge from that – if you want it to. But lets face it most people want to have their cake and eat it. They want freedom, but without really confronting the rock bottom fact that the most liberating people 2.0 concept is highly ‘untechi’ – love. (Sorry, it’s Mother’s Day shortly and I’m doing my best to be on my best behaviour!) Love in the radical sense of Che Guevara, Franz Fanon, Eric Fromm, Paulo Freire and the rest. Now if you connect up that reality with web 2.0 you really would have something going on..