Terror Suspect Sings MP3 Blues

I missed this while I was away – can you believe it? “A passenger was pulled off a flight and questioned for three hours because a taxi driver believed that the songs on his MP3 player suggested that he was a terrorist. Mobile phone salesman Harraj Mann plugged his MP3 player into the taxi’s tape deck and played Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin and London Calling by The Clash. Immigrant Song contains the lyric: ‘The hammer of the
Gods will drive our ships to new lands, to fight the horde, singing and crying
Valhalla I am coming.’ (…) ‘London calling to the faraway towns, now war is
declared and battle come down.’ (…).”

Of course Mr Mann (!) should have known coming from Hartlepool – the town where they hung a monkey during the time of the fleeing Spanish Amanda, when they captured the animal off a wrecked ship thinking it must be a Spaniard. Not a lot has changed, obviously.