Bosnian pyramid letter in the Times

Interesting letter in the Times today questioning the approach taken to the excavation of the Bosnian pyramids. Maybe the Bosnian American site leader Sam Osmanagic should take off his cowboy hat and explain his approach?

Bosnia’s rich heritage
Sir, Stories about hidden pyramids in deepest Bosnia being investigated by “hobby archaeologists” (“Indiana Jones of the Balkans”, April 15), may appeal to those for whom the dry facts of archaeology hold little attraction, but they also do little to assist the cause of heritage protection in that beautiful but unlucky country.

Professional archaeologists in the former Yugoslavia, and in international organisations such as the European Association of Archaeologists, have known about these claims for some time, and various “scientific” reports are available in the public domain.

In most countries of Europe those with wacky theories about “hidden mysteries” on presumed archaeological sites are free to propound them but not to undertake excavation, which by its very nature destroys much of what it uncovers; let alone excavation by those unqualified in terms of training and experience.

According to your report there are indeed archaeological sites on the hill in question — Illyrian (Iron Age), Roman and Medieval; yet the work underway or planned makes no mention of what steps will be taken to safeguard them, and other potential sites as yet undiscovered, from inappropriate earthmoving or other investigations.

The situation of professional heritage management in Bosnia-Herzegovina is, since the Bosnian war, in a poor state, with a tiny number of people trying to do what they can to protect their rich heritage from looting and unmonitored or unauthorised development. It adds insult to injury when rich outsiders can come in and spend large sums pursuing their absurd theories (the construction of a colossal pyramid so large that it dwarfs even those of Egypt or Mesoamerica? 12,000 years ago?), in ways that most other countries would never countenance, instead of devoting their cash to the preservation of the endangered genuine sites and monuments in which Bosnia-Herzegovina abounds.

President, European Association of Archaeologists

One thought on “Bosnian pyramid letter in the Times

  1. Professor,

    I must say, your diatribe smacks a bit of envy. “Amateurs”, “rich outsiders”, etc.

    I wonder how many dig sites over the years have been mutilated by the “pros” rushing to posit or prove some personal theory or other?

    Let the man be – he has as much or more experience than most field archaeologists in the field today.

    Perhaps you would like an invite to help out in Bosnia?

    I shall send cheese over to go with your w(h)ine.

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