Bosnian pryamid envy?

Like the comment from my Tuesday Times letter blog criticising the Bosnian pyramid excavation approach so much I’m highlighting here. As I’ve have only been on a couple of archaeology digs myself I’m keeping out of it, though the invite out to Bosnia seems a good suggestion. Don’t criticise from afar, do it straight to Sam Osmanagic’s face!


I must say, your diatribe smacks a bit of envy. “Amateurs”, “rich outsiders”, etc.

I wonder how many dig sites over the years have been mutilated by the “pros” rushing to posit or prove some personal theory or other?

Let the man be – he has as much or more experience than most field archaeologists in the field today.

Perhaps you would like an invite to help out in Bosnia?

I shall send cheese over to go with your w(h)ine.