Complexity in practice

Has a brief chat with Dan yesterday about using complexity in software development. As he pointed out it comes down to commonsense,  complexity is just another wrapper for that. But what if complexity is science based can it offer beyond a better way of saying the commsensical? Keeping it simple I would say what science offers is the counter-intuitive, or the counter-commonsensical if you like long words! So what does this mean in practice? It’s hard to recall examples of counter-intuitive uses of complexity though there’s one I recall about luggage handlers at airports doign somethign which seemed to the guy on the ground very counter-intuitive, which was to keep circulatign luggage rather than take it off the plane, which in fact made the process more efficent. And I think its those examples that we are really looking for. Obvious when you think of it (more jokes about the obvious please..).