New evidence of ancient civilisation?

“Bosnian writer Ahmed Bosnić has recently returned from the Bosnian River Valley where he visited the village of Ozimicama and found a significant concentration of the stone balls found across Bosnia. He was in the company Dr Aly Abd Barakat , Egyptian geologist (Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority. ), who confirmed that the balls were a manmade rather than natural phenomenon.

“The existence of the balls in this region was not known until an earthquake 12 or 13 years ago revealed them. They vary in size with the largest measuring 1.7m high and with a circumference of 5.3m.

“Theory is that the balls were created at the same time as the pyramids in the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids and that their existence proves an ancient civilisation existed in today’s Bosnia. This location will soon become protected as a National Park and will be recognised as one of the sites of archaeological significance in Bosnia.

“Bosnic also visited Mećevići (Zavidovići) which contains more than 20 of the mysterious stone balls, measuring from a few centimetres’ diameter up to 3m in circumference. The picture shown indicates the size of one of the balls found.”

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