Experts are at odds over pyramid claims

Well, if it is a natural formation someone’s going to look pretty stupid..

Credit to Anthony Harding for taking the trouble, after his critical letter in the Times back in April, to take a look in person at the site.
Here’s how it’s been reported on the Bosnian Pyramid website:

“Anthony Harding, head of the European Association of Archaeologists and a professor of archaeology at the University of Exeter in Britain, has claimed that the pyramidal formations found at Visoko are natural rather than man-made structures.

“Harding made a brief visit to Visoko – he is reported to have spent just 15 minutes at the site, on his own – prior to announcing his conclusions in Sarajevo. He is reported as saying, “My opinion and the opinion of my colleagues is what we saw was entirely geological in nature.” He added, “You’d be surprised how many natural stone formations can look as if they are man-made.”

“His statement is, however, opposed by a number of reputed international specialists, including Egyptian geologist Aly Abd Alla Barakat of the Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority, who has more than 20 years of experience working on the pyramids in Egypt. He has concluded that the structure is a pyramid similar to those found in Egypt.”

On Barakat’s credibility it’s worth highlighting the recent blogged comment on 8 June from Doug Weller that when you ‘google’ on Barakat and cambyses and “you will find that he confused sand dollar fossils with human fossils. The Mexican stone balls are natural ( and that the Costa Rican ones are not, but they aren’t terribly old either  (”.