Gilles Peterson podcast on Brazilian music

Was lucky enough to pick up Jungle Drums magazine and spotted it was the last day of the Pele exhibition at Getty Images, coinciding with a new book about his life. Great exhibition, and I was wearing my ‘negroblue‘ T-shirt from Pil, which suited to a ‘t’.

Also spotted in the magazine British DJ Gilles Peterson’s six-part podcast series on Brazillian music. Each podcast is 30 minutes long and devoted to a different theme, with interviews and live sessions. Covered are Baile Funk, Roots & Samba, Bossa Nova, The Rodrigues Family, Hip Hop and Electronica.

While these are available free from Brahma (with a different one is released every two weeks from June 13th, so sorry about my delay..) but to save you the time and trouble

      1. here's the first one on Baile Funk
(mp3 – 28mb).

This is the Bossa Nova podcast from DJ Gilles Peterson from the series. It’s an

      2. mp3 around 30mb
so it takes a while to download but the interviews are good – so let’s do the ‘bossa nova’.

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  1. Cheers for uploading the first podcast – any chance you can link to the others? I don’t know if it’s me but I can’t download those podcasts via the Brahma website – the Flash looks pretty but clicking on the download link just launches a floating empty rectangle with a ‘close’ button…

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