Under Brazilian law..

Under Brazilian law I am all but married to Shirley; just a few more months of co-habitation. And the English think they are so advanced.

Meanwhile in the Menezes case:

Criticisms aimed at the police are expected to include:

* That a written log of events was changed afterwards by an officer, but not signed

* That Met Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair delayed the IPCC investigation. The watchdog said if it had gone in earlier it could have stopped the log being changed, although Scotland Yard denies this would have made a difference

* That the firearms unit arrived so late to the incident, by which time Mr Menezes was underground. As police radios do not work on the Tube they then lost communications with base.

Now I see the importance of shift handover systems. But as I reported to Jason Seigal at Traction Software it’s an under-explored area. But I have a new line of research to explore, the research arm of the Health and Safety Executive, called the Health and Safety Laboratory.

And in fact the BBC report today says that Menezes prosections may in fact have to be brought under health and safety laws.