South Norfolk style

Enjoyed hearing about the innovative use of free mobiles from O2 to young people in South Norfolk to get them to engage more with the ‘democratic process’ in today’s Guardian. Vivienne Clifford-Jackson, Liberal Democrat leader of South Norfolk district council, says she’s keen for young people in South Norfolk to have their own cabinet and budget. “Unless we start effectively engaging with them, in 25 years’ time nobody will be voting.”

And of course my own reasons, having spent two years as a reporter on the Norfolk and South Express in South Norfolk, I have an affectinon for the area. Best memories? The leader of Harleston Council baking me a chocolate cake on news of my departure to seek fame and fortune in the Big Smoke. Or the case of the Harleston Two, a strange kidnapping story which excited the national press, and gave me a taste of my own ego when I leaped up on stage at a meetign in the Swan Hotel and announced my paper’s backing to free the kidnappers!

Or better still being there in 1992 for the Hoxne Roman tresure find, and talking to Eric Lawes who took the treasure home in his car boot, and bought a colour TV with the proceeds. Reportedly the largest hoard of late 4th and early 5th century Roman silver and gold ever discovered in the United Kingdom, Lawes split the