Peace and surfing

Dr Rice talks about ‘stability and peace’ in the Middle East. In that certain sequence, as in law and then order. Not ‘peace and stability’, God forbid. She should know, it’s the same difference between ‘a black woman’ and ‘a woman who is black’ – for a social scientist this question is non-trivial. It’s subject 1st, or object 1st, there is no confusion. There is a boundary diistinction between ‘reality’ and ‘normality’, to a real person or a real scientist. The same between balance and control (though control is so embedded in who we are and what we do it’s ‘our’ very deep-down-one-size-fits-all identity). Thankfully no longer mine, I crossed over the line a while back; I guess the grass seemed greener on the other side. I’m surfing now, I’m the invisible man (or should that be..).

(Trying to take myself seriously…)
Este Ricci