Patient Opinion is a winner

Congratulations on Patient Opinion gaining a highly commended award at last night’s New Statesman New Media Awards. Sadly as I am no longer in Headshift’s employ I was unable to drink wine, and make song, but instead had a run round Regent’s Park. Nice to see that the award also resulted in coverage in the Guardian, which in turn helps to drive corporate subscriptions which sustain the site.

(Pictured: Jill, who I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting, together with Tony Benn and PO’s Paul Hodgkin, who I have bumped into I believe)

By coincidence I thought of Headshift on reading the Guardian piece that Prime Minister Tony Blair was critical of the effectiveness of government public health campaigns (and following similar comments by David Cameron earlier in the year, and looked to ‘social marketing’ initiatives as the way forward. Perhaps a good opportunity there to provide the means in a social networking type site aimed at public health?