Back to 1997

Last weekend I was rummaging through some old photographs and came across the wedding pics from Oswin Baker (son of former Conservative education minister). Then just today I happened to call Ipsos-MORI to check navigational structure with their e-government section, and found myself talking to Oswin. As he pointed out, there’s been a lot of ‘water under the bridge’ since that time (1997?).

And on the subject of coincidences Kenneth Baker (the father) served as MP for St. Marylebone, a consitutency which was preceded by Quintin Hogg (Lord Hailsham), who was a guest at my cousin James’ wedding in the mid 1980’s (though he didn’t show up in the end). And I was at James this weekend at his lovely 17th farmhouse in Neston near Corsham, talking about connecting up with another former Conservative minister (who’s name escapes me) with the shift handover ideas. Small world etc.