Set behaviour?

I know the current fashion is to laud social networking/wisdom of the crowds, but isn’t there an element of nerdy-ness rather than creativeness occassionally? By chance I stumbled across this Wikipedia page on music setlists which suggests some ‘fans’ are kinda missing the point:

Web sites exist to track and report statistics on the played set lists of veteran artists such as the Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers Band, Bruce Springsteen, and U2. In the case of Springsteen, fans attending concerts even take on the assigned role of set list caller, periodically calling out from a cell phone to a friend to report the most recent songs played, with the friend then updating a running set list on one of several Internet forums.

So great is the attention to the set list, that the actual physical set list sometimes becomes a treasured souvenir of the show, with fans grabbing one off the stage after a performance or requesting one from a roadie. Instances of deviations of the actual show from the planned one are then spotted; these are called “audibles” after the term from American football.