My bands confession

Anyhow, just to confess my own nerdish behaviour, with a few bands I have seen including:

  • Gary Glitter
  • The Last Poets (Toxteth, Liverpool)
  • Hair Cut 100 (Leicester)
  • Nina Simone (Albert Hall)
  • Showaddwaddy (De Montfort Hall, Leicester)
  • Ike Turner (Ronnie Scott’s)
  • Peter Gabriel
  • Edwin Starr (Stratford)
  • Downset (LA2)
  • Public Enemy (The Dome)
  • Black Grape (Brixton Academy)
  • Erasure (MK Bowl)
  • The Swinging Laurels (the Horsefair: also from Leicester; appeared on TOTP’s with Fun Boy Three)
  • The Buzzcocks
  • John Cage (at the Sydney Opera House)
  • Cornershop (pre-‘brim full of asha’ I booked them for Manchester Town Hall)
  • The Magic Numbers (Summer Sundae 2005)
  • The Dandy Warhols (Princess Charlotte, Leicester)
  • Plus numerous indie bands, most recently the Mile High Penguins (12 Bar Club)!

    Of course each of these comes with its own special anecdote, and thus so to the blogger’s dilemma. Whether to wax lyrical to an audience of 1 (including themself) or to move on to the next day’s rant?

    One thought on “My bands confession

    1. Hey!

      Just did a google search for mile high penguins and your blog appeared!

      thanks for the namecheck, hope you will come and see us again soon 🙂

      Waine (MHP)

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