Accidentally pluggin’ Sony

Loved the Valley Wag story about the guy who appears on the front of Business Week. It created controversy. But most of all it accidentally got a plug in for Sony headphones. Which I’m glad about as I’ve just bought a pair of Sony’s myself for around $20 – the ‘monitor series’ ones which flip round in case you wanna play at being a DJ..

Amid all the more serious criticism of BusinessWeek’s story about Kevin Rose, everyone forgot to ask: Why did the magazine run such a dorky photo of the Digg founder? Well, he told me.

Kevin Rose: btw, the cover shot was taken as a joke – I had no idea they were going to use that pic..
Valleywag: yeah, can you tell me about that on-record?
Kevin: honestly I was just messing around when they took that pic. had no idea they would actually use it for the cover
it was me just joking around
BusinessWeek didn’t show us the cover or title of the story until they put it on their website
Wag: why the headphones?
Kevin: good question
Wag: ha, why did you even have them on?
Kevin: they wanted a pic for the inside of us doing something… I had a pic of me drinking a beer, but I guess that didn’t make the cut
Wag: are those their headphones?
Kevin: no, mine
$20 @ best buy – sony ones – seriously pretty good

So Kev did you get the MDR-V150’s too?