Erie eighties echoes

For some reason recently my mind just can’t connect with the early 1980s. Then history starting repeating itself, Israel gets ‘back to the future’ in Lebanon, and we’re back in 81-82. Hold come the Fun Boy Three.

But wasn’t their track ‘The Lunatics..’ recently covered by Los De Abajo ( I should know I went to the gig in November with Dr Dougie & Shirls; and wasn’t Dougie a mate of Dr Paul Hodgkin who set up Patient Opinion?)..and doesn’t the Abajo album include a neat Mexican wrestling pic on the back of the album..and isn’t the Mexican wrestling film Nacho Libra opening in the UK tomorrow? So this is really about Mexico? But didn’t I go to Mexico just after the invasion of Panama, just a month after the fall of the Berlin wall? And wasn’t that a good reason to call off our planned global motorcycle trip starting with central America, symbolised when we rode into one Mexican village and a young boy picked up a large rock to throw at us? and haven’t I just returned from Sao Paulo where there’s been serious armed conflict between criminal gangs and the police? etc, etc, etc.