Berners-Lee’s 8 ball

I met a guy in deepest Didcott who’d met Tim Berners-Lee yesterday (I even got the chance to use my line that in one way an abacus is as powerful as a computer, but that didn’t impress him either). I politely refused to be impressed, citing the fact that Tim’s blog ‘only’ contains 8 entries. Of course I was profoundly joking – in fact I see it as a great virtue that he has only blogged 8 times. I’m all for quality over quantity, particularly if you ‘know’ how to ‘let’ information come to you, rather than looking for it. But that takes as much work to set up as the chasing does! But then there’s me getting ‘Zen again’..(or is that knowing/showing how to translate the model of complexity science using the metaphors of everyday language and reality – you takes your pick sucka).