Sychronicity, synchronicity, synchronicity..

So a lot of my posts are about implicitly about synchronicity. What most people mean by that is controlling a number of things so that they co-ordinate together, ie ‘synchronise’. In nature synchronicity is more complex as there’s nothing controlling different ‘things’, the synchronicity happens without imposed order. It’s unpredictable in the technical sense of the word, but not unlikely if there is understanding of what’s going on because we are inhabit a naturally synchronising world all the time. Like when all the traffic lights are green all the way home one in 100 times. Of course again to repeat for most people that’s just coincidence, because if you can’t ‘make’ the traffic lights align to show green, you’re just lucky.

But then what if you understand that we are educated to operate in a controlled environment? But that there is a way of connecting to the world that can exploit natural synchronicity. Sounds like mystical bullshit? Right you are. That’s what that sounds like to a ‘normal’ person, where normality is rooted in self-control, and where life is linear. LIfe then is designed to minimise unpredicatability. Which is great but that also means  you are  less able to take advantage of it,  that is the essential way the universe works. Bit of a shame, but hey  gotta pay the bills  right?