Fighting cancer

It’s my pleasure to report that I will be launching a new online portal for imaging products to fight cancer. Imaging products allow earlier detection of cancer compared to traditional techniques, saving lives and money. It’s a ‘no brainer’.

stuart side on

By coincidence, the above MRI image of me comes from a session within over a year’s worth as a volunteer at the UCL Wellcome Department of Imaging Neuroscience just down the road from Great Ormond’s Street Children’s Hospital in Bloomsbury.

One of the sudies which I was involved in involved gambling, & it has just reported that “people who make irrational decisions when faced with problems are at the mercy of their emotions”. In addition that “people who behaved rationally were better able to manage or override their emotional responses”. The study doesn’t appear to report on people’s ability to synchronise (note my recent posting on this subject) with events or people, though you’d need to read the full findings in the Science journal.