Micro expressions et al

Recalled social psychologist Mark Frank’s research on ‘micro-movements’ after last night down the pub, strange to say. In v. brief, micro-movements are the involuntary movements in the face in response to thoughts and emotions. There was a good example of my ability in this respect when talking to a guy who was with another company, who when I queried the name of his company gave a brief look of distain. What was unusual in this example is that a few minutes later into the conversation he expressed surprise that I didn’t know about his company. To watch I replied that this was something I had already picked up on having detected micro-movements in his face. That’s the first time I have incorporated my understanding in a normal conversation..

It may also relate at an analagous level to my ability find small flaws in systems, if you agree there is an underlying similarity between how so-called systems like organisations and individual psychology work/don’t work. But hey let’s lighten up, it’s Saturday after all..