Game, Set and Match

Tomorrow’s British Computer Society meeting on information architecture looks good. Or go to the meeting on robotics and health? No, I’m going to be firm and have a life, see the Mile High Penguins and get an early night..

“For two weeks every year, Wimbledon requires an infrastructure capable of supporting half a million spectators, half a billion TV viewers, 5 Million unique visitors to its web-site and the requirements of the world’s media. This unique capability is provided by IBM, who work with Wimbledon throughout the year to drive the business and IT strategy, and provide the technical infrastructure that supports the tournament. Bill Jinks, the IBM lead technical architect, will describe how IT is used to transform the way the club and tournament operate and delivers improvements year-on-year.”

The meeting will take place at the BCS London Offices, 1st Floor – The Davidson Building
5 Southampton Street, London WC2E 7HA. Register by 3pm today to appear on the list (so it says on the email invite).