Missing the boat

Apparently Harold Pinter’s performing at the Royal Court Upstairs, so I rang the box office, and they’re all sold out. Always nice to save money! I’ve had the chance to hang out in the nobel prize winning author’s kitchen so that will have to do for now, from where I cheekily rang my mother to say hi from the kitchen. I reminded her about it a while back – but for her the status of this is way below her having to take me for three walks a day when I was knee high to a grasshopper..

What I did manage to see was a film adaptation of an Alan Bennett play, ‘The History Boys’. Very funny to see all that “we must get into Oxbridge” stuff, back in the 1980s. It’s the closest film I have ever seen which has an autobiographical air about it I guess. Wonder if my former college mate Simon Hall got to see it? Which reminds me, talking about Christ’s, sad to hear the current master Professor Malcolm Bowie has cancer of the bone marrow and is having to resign.