Cluetrain Mainfesto’s unpredictable thoughts

The Cluetrain Mainfesto which has inspired social software, has also inspired me. I have found the concept of markets as conversations useful, though it’s also difficult to put into practice with business models which aren’t based on this premise. So seeing how to move from a traditional e-commerce and support model to one on a Cluetrain premise will be interesting. My guess is that this should with strategic nudges happen gradually on its own accord (‘by accident’) but I could be wrong.

I also like the part about ‘small piece loosely joined unpredictably’. Normally you would for business remove the unpredictable of course. Business is based on predictability so its interesting that talk about ‘the edge of chaos’ approach is fashionable in some business circles. Again, I can see the positive influence of small amounts of unpredictability, balanced within the context of a traditional business model – allowing for the possibiloity of evolution to a more fluid way of working (‘by accident’). But making the transition is painful at times so there’s no easy way, no piece of software to do the job for you. Though I am tempted to say there are books and people who can help there is no escaping the need to bite the bullet if you want to work in a more ‘unpredictable’ way.