Odds and Ends

In no particular order of oddness:

1. Some nice person stole my nice new bicycle saddle – I expected to happen but I couldn’t be bothered to cover it over with a blue plastic bag.

2. Is there a difference between a complex system and a system that is complex? For (I’m helping the techie’s here with a complex clue) there is a difference between a black girl and a girl that is black.

3. My mother, on mention of the strain of A-levels, remarked that I had sailed through them; I had chance to point out: I put on 1.5 stones in weight during the immediate run-up, and despite a 2 E’s offer from Exeter. It didn’t help my grandmother was dying at the time, or that my parents were not exactly head over heels in love which each other at the time. But don’t mention the ‘war’.

4. Which does remind me we spent