C2C revert to old timetable

Well this doesn’t happen every day – a company listening to its customers and acting on it – way2go!:

“Following evaluation and feedback on the new weekday schedules introduced on c2c routes from Monday 11 December it has been decided that the previous timetable will be restored as soon as possible  in January 2007.

“c2c Managing Director Mark Hopwood said โ€œThe new timetable has not been well received by many of our customers and we feel that it is right to withdraw it and to revert to the previous timetable at the earliest possible opportunity.

โ€œWe are sorry that so many of our customers have been upset by the recent changes but we strongly believe that this course of action is the right one. We will announce the exact date of the reintroduction of the previous schedules as soon as we are able.โ€

2 thoughts on “C2C revert to old timetable

  1. Good to see common sense prevail. Wonder if it was anything to do with the threatened passenger protest planned for 6pm yesterday at Fenchurch Street?

    Pete (www.c2cuser.co.uk)

  2. I also heard from an inside source that the fact they did not have enough trains to carry out the new timetable also played a part๐Ÿ˜‰

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