Dooced – again

By coincidence I watched the Enron documentary (Enron: the smartest guys in the room) last night, and laughed at the point where the Enron executive Jeff Skelling called an analyst an ‘arsehole’ when the analyst had asked for proof of earnings.

Because earlier in the day I came across on a story from mid-December about a guy being ‘dooced’ for a blog posting about a guy who provides blogs (Six Apart) at an international conference on blogs. The guy who was fired was called an ‘arsehole’. Social software, don’t you just love it? Here’s an excerpt from the the coverage:

“TechCrunch‘s UK editor Sam Sethi has been fired following his coverage of the recent Le Web 3 conference in Paris, which inspired Loïc Le Meur, organiser and European head of blog company Six Apart , to leave a comment calling him “an arsehole”.

“Ben Metcalfe revealed on his blog earlier today that Mr Sethi had twittered to say he had been fired by his publisher Michael Arrington:

“I have been fired by Arrington for not removing the post comments from Loic. I will be looking for work and writing on

Publisher Michael Arrington has posted a full explanation of his actions on his own blog Crunchnotes. He denies that Mr Sethi was sacked for his criticism of Le Web 3, or for not removing Mr Loïc’s “arsehole” comment at his request.”