Didn’t make it to Nick’s birthday but made it to Dreamgirls. Liked the film’s joke at Martin Luther King, ‘an amateur on the front of a record sleeve’. Plus, recalled that Eddie Murphy had once pissed off James Brown by satirising him, now in the role akin to Brown (extract from wikipedia):

“One of Eddie Murphy‘s well-known characters during his tenure on Saturday Night Live was his good natured caricature of Brown during the James Brown Hot Tub Party sketch. In this sketch, Murphy as Brown danced while wearing a towel in typical James Brown fashion in front of a backing band, singing about his attempt to get into a scalding hot tub of water. Murphy also referenced Brown in his standup comedy film, Delirious, mocking Brown’s energy and style of conversing with the band during a song. However, Brown got revenge; his song “Living in America” included the line “Eddie Murphy, eat your heart out!” – ostensibly in retaliation to Murphy’s jokes.”

Though come to think of it there was more than a touch of the character from Red Dwarf in Murphy’s personification..